buy vacuum bell Pectus Excavatum sunken chest
buy vacuum bell Pectus Excavatum sunken chest
Vacuum Bell – Pectus Excavatum Treatment

Vacuum Bell – Pectus Excavatum Treatment

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The Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum treatment is fully tested, safe, great alternative to invasive surgery. Made from fully flexible material it rests on your chest. By squeezing the ball, a vacuum is created rising your sternum safely and comfortably. You can wear the vacuum bell for as little as 1 hour a day, while you are around the house. The more consecutive days worn, the more permanent your results become. Over 2000+ patients have been thrilled with their result. It is approximately 6 inches wide (15 cm) and will fit the chest of young adults to adults.


Academic Studies

The European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: The vacuum bell for treatment of pectus excavatum: an alternative to surgical correction.

Results: A chest elevation of more than 1.5 cm was documented in 27 out of 34 patients (79%).

Conclusions: The vacuum bell has proved to be an alternative therapeutic option in selected patients with PE. The initial results proved to be dramatic.

How to use the Vacuum Bell

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